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Our promise

H&T is a leading provider of transparent and fair short-term finance and cash loans to UK consumers, via a network of 190+ stores located throughout the country as well as online.

An H&T Personal loan offers a flexible loan of between £50 – £1000 for periods of up to 2 years – with the aim of helping you cope with occasional, short-term cash flow problems quickly and at a reasonable cost.

“Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to”.

We are committed to being a responsible lender and apply a number of basic principles to ensure that this is always the case:

1. Transparency

All our loans will be clear and straightforward. You will always be told the total cost of a loan and the details of your repayment before you complete the application process. There will be no hidden costs or charges – no nasty surprises!

The application process will be straightforward and as simple as it can be – you will be kept informed of your applications progress and whatever our lending decision, you will be told as quickly as possible – if you are declined we will give you as much information as possible about the reasons why.

2. Fairness

We will always provide you with sufficient information about our products and potential loans so that you can make a fully informed decision as to their suitability for you as a borrower.

This will include clear warnings as to the short term nature of the product as well as the consequences of late repayment or even non-payment. You will be reminded that you should only borrow if you are confident that you can repay on time.

Should your circumstances change for the worse and you are unable to repay as expected, you will always be treated fairly by our collections agents, who will seek to agree a mutually acceptable repayment programme. We will freeze interest after a maximum 60 days – ensuring that what starts off as a relatively small loan does not become a massive problem.

Our charges, whether for the loan itself or in the event of late payment will be reasonable and reflect as accurately as possible H&T’s costs of providing the loan and service.

We will always provide you with sufficient information about our products and potential loans so that you can make a fully informed decision as to their suitability for you as a borrower.”

3. Responsive

We will always look to help you manage your account with H&T. You will always be encouraged to settle your loan on time and will not extend the term of your loan unless requested to do so by you – and then only if we believe this to be in your best interests. Should this be the case, we will clearly explain to you the costs and consequences of doing so.

We will also ensure that you can communicate with us, via the website, email or phone. Should you not be able to contact us during office hours, we will deal with any communication promptly following receipt.

In the unlikely event that you will have a complaint, we will investigate in full and respond as quickly as possible – our goal is to resolve within 72 working hours and if we are unable to do so we will explain to you why there is a delay and provide a timescale for our response.

4. Responsibility

As a responsible lender, we will make enquiries via a credit reference agency to ensure that your application details are correct and will use this information to make the best possible decision based on your current, rather than historic, circumstances. This will include an assessment of the loans affordability based on your disposable income and current commitments.

We recognise the fact that your circumstances can change – regardless of the fate of your initial application, you are free to apply to H&T at any time, when we will make a fresh decision, based on a review of your credit-worthiness at that time.